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assalamualaikum wbt....salam buat semua sahabat dan cikgu2.trial makin dekat.harap,semua mendoakan kejayaan kami.amiinnn......



Sabtu, 16 Mei 2009


♥ written by YAGMUR(RAIN)..♥ Assalamu aleykum we rahmetullah ve berekatuh dear sisters and brothers… I want to share a composition from deep of my hearts, From all muslim's deep of Heart to My beloved Prophet!!!! My Beloved Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)... The Life started a small embryo,İt started a conception for us…İt was going to enlarge …. The sky wraped sunny around himself…All Hearts were mentioning one doua ….Only one expectation inside of Muslim's heart…. That was Muhammed (peace be upon him).. Here !!! Here That time come now!! All heartbeats stopped!!!! All breathes stopped !!!The world stopped!!!Only for a reason… When He came on earth,The Nature showed its beauty,All Universe awaked with your Name Dear Muhammed Dear Ahmad…!!! Zikr-u Allah YA MUSLİMS…!!!Zikr-ü Allah YA WORLD!!! Muhammed cameee!!!! When He opened his eyes to world,The world was covered with a bright light with his eyes' beauty…. Ya MUHAMMED !!! We are slave of your eyes…!!!Our life is worth the sacrifice to u !!!! He was Muhammed,The reason Of Creation of world!!!The Universe's unique Nour!!!The messanger of Allah. !!!! The prophet of all humanity!!! He was more than a mother,a father,a friend, a comrade…. When you come world,The world was cheered up with your great smell….When unbelievers saw your beloved eyes,They got into fooled in your great eyes' meaning,They saw the Nour of your face and They had Shahada With İn the name of Allah. !!!! You grew up without mother and father…!!! You were orphan….!!But you weren't without Allah!!!! Even you were a young child ,you said "Allah is with me"….You never changed your way,You behaved with your determination…Your small lips never stoped to saying "Bismillah"…(İn the name of Allah )…. When you got married with beloved Khadijah,You showed your great personality in Family too…You were a great father,great husband,great son,great HUMAN to all humanity… You showed your great faith of İslam…. YA MUHAMMED !!!When you were in Jihad,You said "ONLY SAKE OF ALLAH…"…. You said "Even you put the moon on one of my hand,the sun on my other hand,ı never desist from my Dawah!!!!" YA MUHAMMED !!! where is the Ummah of u?? Where is the muslims Who can sacrifice their life on u!!!Where is the muslims like your Sahabah…!!! YA MUHAMMED My life found the best way with your love… YA MUHAMMED!!!Some people really dont know you…İf they know you,Do they never make an effort to decry you...??? İf they really know you,They can sacrifice their life to your a bit of tears..!!! YA MUHAMMED !! Can you see us now???What do u say about us???Do you say "That is my Ummah?" YA MUHAMMED !!! Please make Shafa'at to that helpless UMMAH!!! SHAFA'AT YA HABİBALLAH SHAFA'AT YA RASULALLAH…. We need you YA MUHAMMED!! We need your Great İslam love and faith…!!! Please come in our dreams and make it lightfull!!Guide us Ya RASULALLAH…Guide that UMMAH… SHAFA'AT YA RASULALLAH SHAFA'AT YA HABİBALLAH!!! Wait us in JANNAH…!!Bring us Jannah's beauty too… YA MUHAMMED!!!Who has a great name,Who is the greatest human…We are without you …!!!!We are orphan without you…!!!Come and fill our hearts with Peace…!!! YA MUHAMMED!!!Our eyes are searching you every night with tears…!!!We wait you…!!!When The call of prayer says "Allah-u Akbar",Our hearts unite and wait u with tears,perhaps u may come into our house too.. WE NEED YOU YA RASUL!!!PLEASE COME US TOO!!!!! SALAT-U SALAM TO U MY BELOVED PROPHET!!!!THE LORD OF THE ROSES !!!! YOUR SİSTER YAĞMUR (RAİN) may Allah bless you All... **

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